Venison Goulash

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2 T Paprika
1/3 Cup Flour
2 1/2 lbs Diced Venison
3 Slices of Bacon
6-8 Small Onions, Halved
2 Tomatoes, Roughly Chopped
1 Cup Spaghetti Sauce
2/3 Cup Red Wine
1-2 Cups Stock of your choice

Combine paprika and flour in a plastic bag. Add venison and toss to coat. Chop bacon and panfry with onion until lightly browned. Transfer to a casserole dish and brown venison in batches, using a little more oil if necessary. Add tomatoes, sauce, wine and stock to the casserole. Liquid should cover venison and vegetables. Stir and oven bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours or until venison is really tender.